Brazilian version now available

1The Brazilian version of The Flavour ThesaurusDicionário de Sabores – is now available, published by Casa da Palavra, and complete with brand-new entries covering specifically Brazilian combinations like carrots with chocolate, and guava with cheese.

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4 Responses to Brazilian version now available

  1. David says:

    Carrots with chocolate?! Intriguing! Would that be in a cake of some kind?

    • Mauricio Seckler says:

      Yes, It’s a cake . The carrot is used in the cake and it’s covered with chocolate. And cheese and guava are called here ” Romeo and Juliet”. The cheese resembles Feta cheese and it’s eaten with a guava preserve.

  2. Stephen Yeardley says:

    I’ve used guava jam as a cheeseboard accompaniment for years. Came from an experience in the Caribbean. Just delicious with a really strong cheddar, but as you can imagine, equally good with Somerset brie, for example.

    • Niki Segnit says:

      Hi Stephen
      Thank you for getting in touch. I tried guava jam when I was writing a few extra entries for the Brazilian edition. They serve it with cheese and call it Romeo and Juliet. I didn’t try it with brie though – it sounds good.
      Best wishes

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