KLANG at the Roundhouse

logo-exploreThis Thursday, the 22nd August, at the Roundhouse in Camden, the London Contemporary Orchestra will perform four pieces from Stockhausen’s KLANG, under Conrad Shawcross’s new installation, Timepiece. I was asked to ascribe a flavour to each piece of music. Roundhouse chef Jean-Baptiste Barbosa created the dishes.

It’s for one night only. More details / tickets here

Piece 1 : To be consumed before ‘Paradies’: Passion fruit stuffed with crab and mango with a small glass of tequila

Piece 2: To be consumed before ‘Balance’:  Crumbed marinated baby globe artichokes with blood orange gin

Piece 3: To be consumed before ‘Hoffnung’ during the 20 min. interval:  Celery a la Grecque with Ricard Pastis 

Piece 4: To be consumed before ‘Cosmic Pulses’ during the 15 min. interval:  Saffron mousse cake with Moscato d’Asti

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