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8 Responses to Journalism

  1. Frank Piuck says:

    Have you thought about marketing your book as a computer application? It is well suited to an interactive web site, or a smart phone app. It could even be the heart of a food oriented social network. The marketing would be tricky – not many businesses have figured out how to monetize these things yet, but as an active database the pairings could easily be expanded, so a subscription model could make sense. A service based on an active database also gives you an opportunity to include bad combinations to avoid.

    I have partners looking for apps to develop, and we would love to collaborate. Two of us are in the US, and two are in Europe.

  2. Derek Chirnside says:

    Further unsolicited suggestion: start small Niki. Do an app for just a few common items like garlic, basil, chili, chocolate, strawberries and Coffee (picking some common favourites of mine) – then go from there more if it works.

    Found your book last night from a 20 year old friend who found it on Pintrest. Now we are using it to consider signature drinks for a barista competition. [The question is: what goes with coffee that no-one has ever done?]


  3. Justin Oberc says:

    A beautifully presented app would be fantastic with this. As an opinion, I can imagine a price point of sub £3 in the Android an iOS app market. Selling significant numbers with no costs of distribution as well as mutually supporting and encouraging sales of the companion book would be some of the advantages. As someone who researches trends and makes popular apps, I would caution against a subscription service – it would be unworkable and unnecessary here. Also I would suggest against using an active server-side database, as many users will be inconvenienced by constantly needing a connection in their kitchens and some will be stopped from using it altogether E.g. iPod Touch users, etc.

  4. Jane says:

    Yep, no question, an app is a sensible, marketable idea. I live on my iPad.
    But, man! I adore this book. It is a thing of beauty. I only bought it yesterday but I like the idea of leaving it around for other people to pick it up and dip in. Searching is different in hard copy, more serendipitous.
    (I have even given the cover a gentle stroke or two, mmm, that probably didn’t come out right. My favourite novels get the same treatment.)
    Thank you!

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